Terms and Conditions Domains

Agreement terms are important things. Therefore, our contract terms are as clear, simple and short as possible. Everything for you to read and really understand them properly.

1. Generally

  1. These terms (the "Agreement") apply between the customer ("the Customer") and Loopia Hosting AB, org. No. 556689-0397, Kopparbergsvägen 8, 722 13 Västerås ("Crystone") regarding registration and administration of domain names ("The Service").

  2. Customer may be a legal or legal person.

2. Service

  1. The content of the Service is specified in a separate order confirmation / invoice and on Crystone's websites. Crystone offers the Service for the top level domains ("TLD") listed on the Crystone website from time to time.

  2. Crystone provides free support for the Service. This is done via e-mail and information on Crystone's website.

  3. In addition to the Service, Crystone may also provide additional services (eg DNS services) for a special fee. To the extent applicable, the Agreement also applies to such additional services, but Crystone may introduce special terms and conditions for such additional services and if the Customer intends to continue to use such additional services, the Customer undertakes to accept such terms. The Customer hereby accepts that Crystone may use a subcontractor to provide the Service and additional services.

  4. Crystone has the right to block changes regarding the domain whose registered whois information has changed (new registration, transfer or other change) for up to sixty (60) days from the change, unless otherwise stated in the information on Crystone's website.

  5. Crystone has the right to sign all domains registered by Crystone for Customer with DNSSEC. In the event that the Customer does not wish to sign with DNSSEC, the Customer can deactivate the function himself.

  6. Crystone reserves the right to register as an administrative, technical and / or domain invoice contact, if required by a TLD registry. Further information on this can be requested from the Crystones Customer Center.

3. Term and termination

  1. The Customer's order for the Service is binding, but the Customer may cancel the order in accordance with point 3.2. An agreement is considered entered into when Crystone has issued a confirmation, and thereafter runs during the agreement period specified on Crystone's invoice.

  2. Crystone complies with the Distance and Home Sales Act (2005: 59) for all Customers. Crystone provides special and additional information about this in connection with the Customer's order. Crystone cannot return purchased domain names and Customer's purchase of domain names can therefore only be canceled until payment is made, but not later.

  3. Crystone does not apply any binding time. Once the Agreement has entered into force, it will run during the contract period specified on Crystone's confirmation. When an agreement period has expired, the Agreement will be extended by renewal invoice or in the manner stated on Crystone's website. Customers who, despite reminders, do not pay according to Crystone's renewal procedures are considered to have terminated the Agreement. The service is terminated no earlier than two (2) weeks from Crystone's reminder of renewal. Such reminder is sent to the Customer by e-mail to the address specified by the Customer.

  4. The Customer may terminate the Agreement at any time and without cause during the current contract period. Cancellation is easiest by contacting Crystones Customer Center. If Customer does not pay Crystone's renewal invoice in spite of a reminder, the Agreement is considered terminated by Customer. Unfortunately, Crystone cannot refund any fees already paid, as TLD's registries do not allow such repayment.

  5. Crystone sends email notifications to our customers who are domain holders before and after the domain name expiration date with information on domain renewal for all generic TLDs. For information on these mailings and when they occur, please see: crystone.se/en/domain.

4. Terms change and transfer

  1. Crystone has the right to change these Terms, with effect thirty (30) days after publication. Changes to contract terms are announced on Crystone's website and via e-mail to all customers. Customers who do not accept the new terms have the right to terminate the agreement immediately in accordance with clause 3.4.

  2. Customer may lease or transfer the Service and its rights and obligations under the Agreement to another if Crystone has approved such lease or transfer in advance. Transfer and consent must be made in writing and enter into force from the date Crystone has consented to the transfer. Resignation The Customer is not liable to pay any obligations arising after the transfer date. Accession The Customer is not liable to pay any obligations incurred before the transfer date.

  3. Crystone may assign all or part of its obligations and rights under the Agreement to another company.

5. Fees

  1. The fees payable by the Customer for the Service can be found on the Crystone website ( crystone.se/doman ) and confirmation. Payment is made in the manner chosen by the Customer in his order. If the Customer has selected an invoice, payment terms will be thirty (30) days net.

  2. Crystone has the right to charge a fee reminder. Interest on late payments is not charged.

  3. The customer must inform Crystone as soon as possible if an invoice is considered incorrect. If the Customer has objected to the invoice within eight (8) days and has stated a factual basis for the charge, Crystone shall grant deferment with payment of the disputed amount.

  4. Change of fee is notified in writing in accordance with paragraph 4.1 above. The change in fee will take effect in connection with a new contract period, unless the change is caused by factors that Crystone does not control. Temporary promotional prices do not affect ongoing agreements.

  5. A domain name can be reset for a certain period of time and in certain cases, in accordance with the TLDs policy at all times, if the Customer has not paid Crystone's renewal invoice on time ("redemption period"). Crystone charges, for some domain names, restoration fees. These fees can be found in crystone.se/en/domain.

6. Unauthorized use

  1. The Customer may not use the Service in violation of the Agreement, applicable law or to promote inappropriate or unethical activities. Domain names and websites covered and administered by the Service may not disseminate, contain, point to or forward the following materials:

    • Information that infringes third parties' intellectual property rights.

    • Computer viruses or other malicious code;

    • Child pornographic, discriminatory, racist, degrading, threatening or violent material or other material that constitutes unlawful threats, incitement to people, slander or that encourages illegal acts or activities; or

    • Distribution or similar of unsolicited e-mail (so-called spam) or other mailings that are not done with the recipient's consent.

  2. Crystone has the right to immediately terminate the Service, cancel this Agreement and take other legal action if the Customer's use of the Service is in violation of clause 6.1 or if the Customer uses the Service in a manner that risks damaging Crystone.

7. Crystones responsibility

  1. Crystone will take all reasonable steps to keep the Service available to the Customer. However, Crystone cannot guarantee the availability of the Service.

  2. Crystone has the right to take any action that affects the availability of the Service if required for technical, maintenance, operational or security reasons, or due to law, governmental decisions or decisions made by the competent registry of relevant top-level domains or such registered entity . The Customer further confirms that Crystone or the TLD Registry may suspend or limit the Service in accordance with applicable policies, e.g. to correct mistakes or in connection with domain name disputes. Crystone should never be held responsible for transfer, shutdown or anything else that affects the domain service when such action is taken p.g.a. requirements from the registry for TLD or affiliated organization (eg ICANN).

  3. Crystone is solely responsible for damages caused by neglect of Crystone or Crystone's subcontractor. For Non-Consumer Customers, Crystone's liability is limited so that (i) indirect damages are not reimbursed (where loss of profit, lost savings, lost goodwill or loss / loss of data should always be regarded as indirect damage), and (ii) a total amount corresponding to the fee for the applicable contract period. Crystone's liability is not limited to any damage that Customer may show has been caused by gross negligence or intent on Crystone's part.

  4. Crystone will never be held liable for any damage that may occur due to the ordering of the domain name being registered or being entered before the order is completed with the TLD registry.

  5. Customers affected by damage due to failure of Crystone must notify them immediately. Crystone does not provide any compensation for damage that could have been avoided. Claims for damages must be made in writing to Crystone and must arrive within a reasonable time after the Customer has marked or removed the basis for the claim.

8. Customer responsibility

  1. The Customer guarantees that ALL information provided to Crystone is accurate and complete. The Customer undertakes to notify Crystone immediately of any changes. If Customer intentionally submits inaccurate, misleading or unreliable information, if Customer does not correct inaccurate or misleading information within seven (7) days or does not respond to Crystone's questions regarding information provided within fifteen (15) days, Crystone may take the steps set forth in paragraph 6.2. The customer must always provide at least full name, postal address, e-mail address, telephone number and (if applicable) fax number before registering a domain name. In addition, if the Customer is a company or organization, the name of a person authorized to represent the company or organization must always be provided.

  2. The Customer is responsible for the Customer having the right to register and use the domains ordered and / or administered by Crystone through the Service. The Customer guarantees that ordered domain names or other information that the Customer provides to Crystone does not directly or indirectly infringe third party rights.

  3. The customer is responsible for - before submitting an order to Crystone - read all the terms and conditions that the TLD registry and affiliated organizations (eg ICANN) issue and apply from time to time. The Customer hereby confirms and accepts to comply with the terms and obligations that the registry for TLD and affiliated organizations impose on Crystone and the Customer. The Crystones website contains information or reference to the terms and conditions that apply to the respective top-level domain.

  4. The Customer shall indemnify Crystone and the TLD Registry without prejudice to any damages (costs, damages and reasonable legal costs) caused by Crystone or the Registry for TLD arising from the Customer's use of the domain name, breach of the Agreement or applicable legislation. The Customer further confirms that he shall defend and maintain the registry for TLD and affiliated organizations (including so-called Registry Operators), and its boards and staff, indemnified for all claims pertaining to the Customer's registered domain (s). This obligation also applies after the termination of this Agreement has otherwise expired.

  5. The Customer acknowledges and accepts that Crystone is obliged to comply with certain special rules regarding contact information that is forwarded to a registry for a TLD and third parties, and to what extent such contact information is made public.

  6. Use of the domain name may be suspended or revoked as well as the domain name may be transferred in the event that Crystone or another registered domain name is inadvertently or in the event of a decision by a competent dispute resolver to do so.

9. Personal data

  1. All information that the Customer transmits to Crystone will be treated as confidential information and in accordance with applicable personal data legislation. Crystone collects and uses personal data in order to be able to provide the Service in accordance with the Agreement and Crystone's agreement with the TLD registry. For such personal data that Crystone is under an obligation to collect and transfer to a registry for TLD, the respective registry for TLD's personal data is responsible. For any personal data that is not transferred from Crystone to the registry for TLDs, Crystone is responsible for personal data. Crystone undertakes to take appropriate technical and organizational safeguards for all personal data that Crystone processes within the Service. The Customer may at any time contact the Crystones Customer Center for more information on Crystone's personal data processing, as well as to correct any incorrect personal data. The information required to submit to Crystone is given in clause 8.1.

  2. The Customer hereby consents to Crystone (i) publishing information about the Customer in accordance with a "whois" policy issued by a registry for a TLD, (ii) disclosing information to the court or authority requesting extradition under Swedish law, and (iii) may process the Customer's personal data in accordance with the Agreement with the help of personal data assistants. The Customer further agrees to transfer to a third country in the event that a TLD registry is located in a third country outside the European Union. Whois information will be published openly on the Internet.

  3. The Customer guarantees that the Customer has obtained the consent of the contact persons to register and process personal data as above, as well as that information has been provided to the data subject in accordance with what is stated above before ordering the Service.

  4. Crystone shall take reasonable steps to protect personal data from loss, misuse, unauthorized access or disclosure, alteration or destruction.

10. Third-party registrations and licensing

  1. A registration where contact information for technical contact person or billing information differs from domain name holders is considered by Crystone as a third party registration. Customers who make a third-party registration should always register correct and necessary end-customer contact information so that a Whois service can identify the end-customer.

  2. The domain name holder is responsible for ensuring that all information is correct according to clause 8.1.

  3. Domain name owners who license their domain name to third parties are responsible for providing all of the information set forth in this agreement. In addition, the domain name holder must provide updated and accurate administrative and technical contact information so that problems can be resolved quickly. The domain name holder is solely responsible for all use of the domain name unless within seven (7) days of requesting it, Crystone provides full contact details and identity of the licensee.

11. Other

  1. Each party shall be exempted from damages and other penalties if the performance of the agreement is prevented or hampered by circumstances which the party has not been able to control, such as war, government intervention, burglary, seizures, general restrictions, labor conflict, accidents, adverse transport or weather conditions, restrictions on energy supply or non-deliveries from a subcontractor that a party could not reasonably foresee at the time of entering into the Agreement and whose consequences the party has not been able to avoid or overcome. If the performance of the Agreement has been substantially prevented for longer than one (1) month due to the circumstances stated above, each party is entitled to terminate the agreement in writing without compensation.

12. Disputes

  1. Disputes regarding the interpretation or application of the Agreement shall be decided by a Swedish court in accordance with Swedish law, whereby Stockholm district court shall be the first instance.

  2. Disputes related to registered domains are handled in accordance with the policy determined by the respective top level domain. Crystone applies the ICANN Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy ("UDRP"), as it applies from time to time, for all generic TLDs and .nu registrations and renewals, please see ICANN policy . Crystone does not offer administrative services or assistance beyond the obligations of Crystone as a result of his / her registration agreement. All other conflicts between the customer and Crystone shall be dealt with in accordance with clause 12.1.

Date of contract 2020-01-10