Hosted Exchange 2016

Need a slightly sharper email solution?

- For those who need more than "regular" email, Exchange 2016 is the next natural stop. You get access to collaboration tools and sharing of calendars, contacts and much more, higher security and better spam protection. By running Exchange 2016 hosted by Crystone, you can also feel confident that your emails are stored on servers on Swedish soil and that you get high-quality and reliable backup. Of course, you also have access to our competent and Swedish speaking support.

If not exactly all of the company's users need the more comprehensive functionality of Exchange, you can easily select a number of your email accounts and buy Exchange licenses for just those, while continuing to use the email service that is part of our web hosting accounts to others.

The first group is national top level domains such as:

- .SE – Sweden (
- .CO.UK – England (
- .EU – Europe (
- .US – USA (

The second group is generic top level domains (Generic TLD), e.g. .COM, .NET or .ORG.
Domain registration is handled in Sweden by the Foundation for Internet Infrastructure (IIS), which assigns domain names. Registration is done through agents and Crystone is an agent for a number of different top-level domains.